Michael Earnheart
Email: maearnheart@gmail.com Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island Birthday: August 23, 1986
Bio: Michael grew up Providence, Rhode Island, moved to Johnston in 2000 and has lived in the town ever since.  After graduating from from Johnston Senior High School in 2004, Michael attended Rhode Island College, writing for The Anchor, but left the college in 2006. Between 2006 and 2008, Michael took care of his grandmother full-time, while working and saving money to finish school. After graduating from the Community College of Rhode Island, Michael transferred to the University of Rhode Island, completing his B.A. in English. Politics  I am definitely left of center on a lot of issues, but I am a reasonable person that will listen to everything before making a call on it. It is important to explore all avenues I take my openness as an individual and translate that over into my writing, being sure to not cater to a particular party, but the issues and where officials stand on them. Religion I am not actively affiliated with any church or religious organization. I do, however, have a strong belief in universal balance.
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