[VIDEO] No More Goose on the Loose

Workers installed a temporary fence around Pocasset Pond inside Johnston Memorial Park yesterday to steer geese away from the walking path and the children's playground.

It's a perennial problem at — geese who take up residence over the summer venturing onto the walking track and into the nearby children's playground, and leaving a mess where they roam.

This year, the Parks and Recreation staff, led by Foreman Lou Prata, took a different approach to the problem, installing a three-foot-tall temporary fence around Pocasset Pond to keep the geese from straying into the park.

Prata estimated the cost of the fence — which can be taken down for the winter and replaced next spring — at about $1,500.

Check out the accompanying video for more.

Angela vescera August 01, 2012 at 12:21 PM
Finally! Thank you. The geese were a health hazard to the children trying to play there.


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