Where Is Your Polling Place?

Here's where to find the info you need if you're voting in Johnston tomorrow.


Tomorrow is Election Day 2012 — here's your guide to local polling places and the new Voter ID law.

Schools in Johnston will be closed, since they serve as polling places in town.

Polls are open until 8 pm in Johnston on Tuesday.

Here's a quick run-down of tomorrow's election, including where you can find your local polling place:

Where do I vote?

See the chart below to find your polling place; visit the RI Secretary of State's Voter Information website to see which voting district is yours, and to view sample ballots.

Location RI House District  RI Senate District Council Ward Winsor Hill School 13 25 2 Simmons Village 42 25 1 Pell Manor * 42 25 1 N.A. Ferri Middle School † 42 25 2 Local 57 42 25 5 Sarah Dyer Barnes 43 22 & 25 4 Calef School 43 25 2 & 3 Aime J. Forand 43 25 3 Graniteville School 43 25 4 Johnston High School 43 25 5 Brown Avenue School 44 25 5


* Pell Manor is the new polling place for those who previously voted at the American Postal Workers union hall on Plainfield Street.

† Ferri Middle school is the new polling place for those who previously voted at Johnston Fire Station #1.

What about Voter ID?

This year, all Rhode Island voters will be required to show a valid ID prior to voting, which include driver's licenses, passports, school identification cards, and RIPTA bus passes, among others, according to the Secretary of State's Voter ID web page. A photo ID will be required in 2014.

Voters who do not have an ID tomorrow can fill out a provisional ballot, which will be checked against their signature on their voting application (on file with the town's board of canvassers). If the signatures match, the provisional ballot will be considered vaild.

If you'd like to get a Rhode Island Voter ID card, check out this video on how.

Where can I get more information?

Contact the Secretary of State's office at (401) 222-2340, visit sos.ri.gov, or call the Johnston Board of Canvassers [located in the lower level of Johnston Town Hall] at (401) 553-8856.

D. Mitchell November 05, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Can you let us know the times the polling places are open? Thanks.


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