Wednesday Five: Halloween, Trash, Calendar, Contests

May you boast a bountiful Halloween haul, and check these things to know:


Halloween - Tonight kids will be out and about garbed in masks, hats and hoods that will make it tough for them to see. If you're driving, give yourself plenty of time, and cut way down on your speed though the city. 

AG Peter Kilmartin warns: Exercise extreme caution when driving a vehicle. Be on the alert for excited youngsters, whose vision may be obscured by masks, darting out into traffic.

Trash - The DPW plans an early start on trash collection today at 6 a.m. Yard waste collection will resumes today. Trucks will be attempting to collect Monday and Tuesday’s yard waste, backed up thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Residents are requested to refrain from placing carts out to the road until the morning of your collection day.  

Zoning - The Woonsocket Zoning Board will meet Nov. 13 at City Hall, 7 p.m. On their agenda, seven variance requests. Check out the link to see who may be planning what in your neighborhood. 

Calendar - If you've got an event you want to share with the many readers of the Woonsocket Patch, you can be your own best advocate - post it yourself to the Woonsocket Patch calendar. Fill in the blanks with your event's information, and you're good to go.

Halloween Contests - Celebrate Halloween by uploading your photos to enter two contests on WoonsocketPatch:

Pumpkin Contest - Got a cool carved pumpkin or decorated gourd you're itching to show off? Upload a photo of it for a shot at a $25 gift card. 

Costume Contest - Proud of your getup for Halloween this year? Did you toil long hours with makeup, needle and thread?  for our nationwide costume contest.


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