News Brief: Mayor Announces Start Of Tax Amnesty Program

Residents who owe back taxes from 1990 to 2009 can pay what they owe, without penalty, beginning Oct. 3.

On Sept. 26, Mayor Joseph Polisena announced the formal start to the town's tax amnesty program that was approved by the General Assembly in July.

Flanked by members of the Town Council, Polisena outlined the program, which provides a 45-day window for people who owe motor vehicle or tangible taxes from the years 1990 to 2009 to pay their balances without interest or penalties.

Polisena said about $1.9 million in car taxes and $2.4 million in tangible taxes remains outstanding.

Residents who owe current taxes are not eligible to participate in the program, explained Polisena, who added that the program formally starts on Oct. 3 and will include two scheduled half-days on Saturdays during the 45-day period.


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