Looking to Contact Your Rep? Here's How

Here's a list of e-mail addresses and phone numbers for the members of the Rhode Island House of Representatives who represent Johnston.

How To Find Them: The General Assembly website offers this list of all House members.

Members from Johnston include Rep. John Carnevale (Dist. 13), a member of the House Finance Committee; Deputy House Majority Leader Peter J. Petrarca (Dist. 44); and Reps. Stephen Ucci (Dist. 42) and Deborah Fellela (Dist. 43).

Locate Your Rep: In order to see which Representative is in your voting district, visit the Secretary of State's Voter Information Center.

Enter your street address and ZIP code or town (if you don't know your ZIP code), and the database will list all of the elected officials in your district.

Contact Info:

Name Phone Number Email address Stephen R. Ucci (401) 275-5559 rep-ucci@rilin.state.ri.us Deborah A. Fellela (401) 231-2014 rep-fellela@rilin.state.ri.us Peter J. Petrarca (401) 273-1111 rep-petrarca@rilin.state.ri.us John M. Carnevale (401) 274-1353 rep-carnevale@rilin.state.ri.us


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