Debt, Parking Ban On Tonight's Council Agenda

An ordinance that would restructure the town's long-term debt, and a second vote on prohibiting parking near Sarah Dyer Barnes Elementary School, are among the items on tonight's agenda.

The Johnston Town Council is scheduled to hold a second vote tonight on an ordinance that would prohibit traffic on Barnes Avenue, and consider floating new municipal bonds to restructure the town's long-term debt.

Tonight's council meeting — the agenda for which is attached to this article — is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Johnston Municipal Court.

Last month, Mayor Joseph Polisena requested the parking ban in front of Sarah Dyer Barnes Elementary School after a neighbor Arthur Iannelli testified in January about the potential danger of parents parking in the roadway and blocking it.

The town council voted 3-0 at its Feb. 13 session to give first approval to the parking ban; with a second OK tonight, the council would formally add Barnes Avenue to the town's list of streets where parking is prohibited.

Also on tonight's agenda is a proposal to float up to $8.775 million in municipal bonds to restructure the town's long-term debt; such actions are typically taken to save interest on bonds that were taken out when rates were higher.


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