Johnston Election Results 2012

Updates on the 2012 elections in Johnston will be posted here throughout the day.


This year's election in Johnston will decide several local races, including those for Mayor, town council Wards 2 and 4, and three Rhode Island General Assembly seats.

Johnston voters will also have a choice to make on three local referenda items.

That's a lot to keep track of — and JohnstonPatch will help you stay on top of it throughout the day as we check in at polling places and with candidates.

Stay with JohnstonPatch all day as we update this article with news and information from the polls and live election results as they become available after polls close at 8 pm.


UPDATE, 9:15 pm: See the final results below.


UPDATE, 9 pm: Polisena announces term limits (Question 8) approved with 8,643 votes; Question 9, road bonds, passes with 9,372; open space bonds also OKd.


UPDATE, 8:51 pm: Final tallies from all 15 precincts: Polisena 9,424, Filippi 2,520; Verardo wins Council Ward 2, 1,279 — 908 over Steppo; Russo keeps Ward 4 seat 1,794 to 634 over Matteo; Fellela secures reelection.


UPDATE, 8:38 pm: With 14 of 15 precincts reporting, Polisena ahead 8,634 to 2,285 over Filippi in the mayor's race.


UPDATE, 8:19 pm: The numbers are being brought by runners to Democratic HQ; first reports from Barnes School are that all three bond items passed.


UPDATE, 8:08 pm: Johnston Democratic HQ is filling up with supporters and volunteers. We're awaiting the first batch of results from town hall.


UPDATE, 3:45 pm: Voter turnout has been steady through early this afternoon.

Ferri Middle School had 599 ballots tallied by 1:40 pm; Johnston High School's count was 525, and Sarah Dyer Barnes showed 567 voters counted at its two polling places.

Moderator Robert Saran, staffing the JHS polling location, said the stream had slowed a bit, though "at 7 am we had a line out the door."

Saran said he'd seen no problems or issues at the high school, adding the new Voter ID law appeared to be welcomed by most voters.

"People actually are really happy with the ID-shopwing — a lot of people, especially the older people are more than happy, and they really do like it," Saran explained. "They say it should be mandatory, and it should be all the time."

And for late voters who may be pushing the poll closing time, Saran said that anyone who is in line to vote at 8 pm will be allowed to vote.

"If you're in line at 8 o'clock, yes, you will be able to come into the cafeteria and vote," explained Saran, who also noted that poll workers will be on-site to help voters.

All vote totals posted at 9:15 pm on Nov. 6, from the RI Secretary of State's results website.

MAYOR Votes Votes Democratic Candidate Republican Candidate Mayor Joseph Polisena 9,424 Peter Filippi III 2,520


TOWN COUNCIL WARD 2 Votes Votes Democratic Candidate Independent Candidate Anthony Verardo   1,279 Melvin Steppo Jr. 908


TOWN COUNCIL WARD 4 Votes Votes Democratic Candidate Republican Candidate Council President Robert V. Russo 1,794 Robert Matteo 634


REFERENDA ITEMS Question # Term Limits for Mayor 8 Yes No Vote Totals:
 8,643    3,299 Road Repair Bonds ($4 million) 9 Yes No Vote totals: 9,372 2,350 Open Space Bonds ($1 million) 10 Yes No Vote Totals: 7,052 4,563


GENERAL ASSEMBLY Race Candidates Votes House Dist. 43
Rep. Deborah Fellela (D) 3,713 Karin Gorman (I) 2,008 House Dist. 44 Gregory Costantino (D) 623 James Archer (R) 356 Senate Dist. 22 Stephen Archambault (D) 136 Richard Poirier (R) 64


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