Filippi Challenges Polisena; 3 of 5 Council Seats to Be Contested

The two Johnston School Committee seats on the 2012 ballot will remain unchanged, after the filing deadline for candidates ended Wednesday.


Incumbent Democrat Mayor Joseph Polisena is expected to face Republican challenger Peter Filippi III for the top municipal post in Johnston, and three town council seats are up for grabs in this year's elections.

The Rhode Island Secretary of State's Candidates web page listed all of the Johnston candidates who filed their candidacy papers at this week to qualify for the ballot.

From here, each candidate must gather 50 signatures to officially secure their ballot spots.

In Ward 1, where the council seat is currently held by Councilwoman Eileen Fuoco, the decision could be made at the September primary, if Democrats Edward Cardillo and Paul Crowell III complete the process to qualify.

Following Ward 2 Councilman Ernest Pitochelli's announcement that , three challengers — Democrats and Joseph Comella, and Independent Melvin Steppo Jr. — submitted their candidacy forms, potentially setting up another Democratic primary.

And the Ward 4 seat, held by Council President Robert Russo, is being sought by Republican Robert Matteo and Independent Arnold Smith.

The Ward 3 and 5 seats — held by Councilman David Santilli and Council Vice President Stephanie Manzi, respectively — are not being contested.

Likewise, the two school committee members whose seats are on this year's ballot, Robert LaFazia in Ward 1 and Joseph Rotella in Ward 4, are unopposed.

On the state level, incumbent Sen. Frank Lombardo III faces two Democratic challengers in Nicole Acciardo and William Murphy in Dist. 25.

Johnston will also have a say in the Dist. 22 seat being vacated by Sen. John Tassoni, as the recent redistricting process expanded the district to include part of the town.

Republicans David Bibeault and Richard Poirier have filed to run in the GOP primary, and Democrat Stephen Archambault has announced his intention to run for the seat.

For the state House of Representatives, Democratic Reps. John Carnevale (Dist. 13) and Stephen Ucci (Dist. 42) are running unopposed; Rep. Deborah Fellela (Dist. 43) faces a primary challenge from Annette Berarducci, with two Independents — Karin Gorman and Nicole Lyons — also aiming for the seat; and Rep. Peter Petrarca (Dist. 44) has three potential challengers: Democrat Gregory Costantino, Republican James Archer, and Independent James D'Ambra.


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Peter A. Filippi III June 30, 2012 at 11:44 AM
Bob, it’s always a pleasure reading your words of reason and compassion for your fellow man. If elected within one year every resident will know where every penny is going and the alternatives that will save $millions via developing a search engine that would enable residents to ask any question regarding every aspect of the budget and via monthly mailings that would accomplish the same. When residents realize the expense of these outrageous provisions, benefits and entitlements at that point we will have the “will” of the people that will enable us to go forward with reforms. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder and demand, with a capital D, legislation that will give every community total control over their financial concerns. The unions have destroyed our state’s economy e.g. our state is ranked 45th for the highest state and local taxation, 48th in unemployment, 43rd for spending per pupil in which our town it‘s approximately $15,300, 50th for the worst state for businesses to come to and 48th for being the worst state to retire. Also, when you consider other rankings such as being 40th in gasoline taxes, 43rd for electricity rates, 50th for deficient bridges and 49th for general infrastructure etc., is it any wonder our state’s number one export is our children who must move away in search of hope and opportunity. Peter A. Filippi III JTAXASSOC@AOL.COM
Truth Hurts July 11, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Edward Cardillo was involved in a fraud case along with Al Perotti in 1986. He was under investigation by the IRS as well as by reporter Tracy Brenton from the Providence Journal. How is Polisena letting this man run for office?
Joseph Hutnak July 11, 2012 at 04:14 PM
Hi Truth: I don't think the mayor gets to decide who runs for office.
Truth Hurts July 11, 2012 at 05:54 PM
Edward Cardillo should not even be allowed to run since he recently sued the Town of Johnston for respiratory problems from working on town vehicles. The truth is this: 1. Edward has a history of smoking cigarets, 2. He has been working on vehicles at his own shop ex: welding, bodywork, 3. He does not have a license to repair in Johnston, 4. He is fraudulently using Distinctive Motors license and signage. If this isn't enough I have plenty more information about Edwards criminal involvement.
Joseph Hutnak July 11, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Hi Truth: Please forward this information to me via email: joseph.hutnak@patch.com


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