DEM Hits Landfill Companies With $55,000 Fine

The state agency issued a notice of violation against Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation and Broadrock Gas Services today.

In a press release issued today, the state Department of Environmental Management (DEM) issued a notice of violation against the two companies that operate at the Central Landfill, a citation that also carries a $55,000 fine.

DEM Director Janet Coit said in the statement that the two companies, and Broadrock Gas Services "failed to maintain the landfill and the landfill gas collection and treatment systems" resulting in a .

Broadrock also delayed telling the DEM that a "remote gas flare" used to burn off escaping landfill gas had stopped working, according to the statement. Instead of notifying the DEM within the one hour required by the company's pollution permit, Broadrock didn't contact DEM about the failure until five days after the breakdown.

Under other terms of the violation notice, the companies can no longer use construction debris — which contains sulfur, a main ingredient in the stench from the landfill — and must use a covering called Posi-Shell to seal the areas where the gases have been escaping.

The DEM statement noted that RIRRC had already voluntarily taken these steps, and that the new violation order "formalizes" them.

"This notice requires that the additional steps recommended by environmental professionals and experts who have evaluated this situation be taken to ensure that the landfill gases are captured and not released into the atmosphere,” Coit said in the statement.

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