Aug. 28: Johnston School Schedules

JohnstonPatch is your source for school bus routes in Johnston — and the opening and closing times. Here are your 5 Things to Know Today for Aug. 28.


1. School Schedules: Looking for the ? JohnstonPatch has that. Keep an eye out later today for the last-minute changes to the bus routes.

2. Beware: Mayor Joseph Polisena held a press conference yesterday and issued a warning to Johnston homeowners who let out-of-town families use their addresses for school enrollment. Put briefly:

3. Flashback?: Okay, so it's not on the order of , but the forecast is for rain with potential for flooding and highs in the low 80s. Sorry kids — tomorrow is supposed to be sunny with temps in the 70s for the first day of school.

4. Stay Informed: With school on the immediate horizon — and all the chaos that goes with it — there's a quick and easy way to follow the news on JohnstonPatch: sign up for our email newsletter and get alerts sent right to your Inbox.

5. Jaybles Rocks: 'Scuse the enthuse, but Jack Black celebrates a birthday today. A true guitar hero [at least in the eyes of ] and man of many talents — not everybody can jam the Saxaboom like this — turns 43 today. Also on the list are mere mortals Shania Twain [47], Leann Rimes [30], and original '90210' star Jason Priestly [also 43, nowhere near as rockin']. Arguments to the contrary accepted below.


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