5 Things: October Themes

Check out the topics we're covering this month in our 5 Things to Know for Oct. 3, 2012.


1. Breast Cancer Awareness: For the month of October, JohnstonPatch has a special topics page dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Also be sure to check out the blog posts by Judy Fitzgerald — and if you'd like to share your experience, post a comment or start your own blog,

2. Halloween: Want to let parents know where the best costume shop is? Have any suggestions for what to do with Halloween candy once the holiday is over? Visit our Halloween page — and watch for more articles as we get closer to Candy Day.

3. Election 2012: There are just over four weeks left before the election [and there's a Presidential debate tonight], and we've got your guide to . And if you're a candidate, reach voters in Johnston by completing our online survey.

4. Prez Picker: Speaking of the election, have you tried the iSideWith.com candidate matcher? Read about it here — and use the link to see which of the Presidential candidates best matches you.

5. Weather in 10 Words: Cloudy with fog. Scattered showers, chance of rain through tomorrow.


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