5 Things: Feedback, Flick, Photos

Your reaction to Tuesday night's Presidential poll, plus two killer contests [not literally] make the list of 5 Things to Know Today for Oct. 18.


1. Feedback: People are still talking about Tuesday night's debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney — what's your take? Click here to speak your mind.

2. Flick: Mohr Library in Johnston hosts a free screening of "HalloweenTown II: Kalabar's Revenge" today at 2:30 pm. Rated PG. Later, at 3:30 pm, Ms. Melyssa hosts art for kids in grade 7 and up. Both programs are free.

3. Photos, Pt. 1: All the Patch sites in Rhode Island are hosting a Best Pumkpin Contest — add your photos here.

4. Photos, Pt. 2: Patches across America are also looking for great Halloween costumes — . Winner gets $5,000.

5. Weather in 10 Words: Sunny and cool. Highs around 60. Chance of rain tonight.


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