Two Arrested After Alleged Prescription Deal

Johnston Police charged two men with multiple felonies after officers saw what they suspected was a drug deal in the parking lot of the Drunken Clam on Greenville Avenue.

Two men face multiple felony charges after officers reportedly saw them make a drug deal in the parking lot of the Drunken Clam bar on Greenville Avenue on Jan. 11.

Police charged Keith Graham, 39, of 10 Oakhill Drive, Johnston, with five felony counts of illegal possession of prescription drugs and one felony charge of conspiracy.

William Baldwin, 56, of North Providence, who police allege supplied Graham with the prescription drugs — including oxycodone, percocet, lorazapam, morphine, and hydrocodone (Vicodin) — was charged with five felony counts of possession.

Officers reported that they counted more than 350 pills, most of them in unmarked pill bottles, in Graham's car after they reportedly witnessed the drug deal.

Ptlm. Joseph Salvadore wrote in his report that at about 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 11, he and Sgt. Mark Vieira were parked at the Scrambler's Restaurant next to the Drunken Clam in an unmarked police car when they saw a man standing near the trunk of a car in the bar's parking lot.

Salvadore reported that he saw a second man walk from a silver car to a red car several times in what the officer described as "highly suspicious and unusual behavior."

After concluding that the first man was acting as a look out for the second man and suspecting that the second man was conducting a drug deal, Salvadore reported that he and Vieira drove into the parking lot at the bar and identified themselves as police officers.

The first man, identified as Michael Medeiros, reportedly claimed that he was talking to a friend before entering the bar. Salvadore reported that Medeiros was carrying a six pack of beer and "could not provide me an explanation" why he was bringing beer into the bar.

The second man, identified as Baldwin, said he was there to see his niece's husband, Graham, who was seated in the silver car.

Salvadore wrote that when he told Graham that he suspected a drug deal had occurred, Graham "shook his head with a disgusted look... and his body began to tremble."

According to Salvadore, Graham allegedly admitted that he bought the pills from Baldwin, and reportedly gave Salvadore permission to search his car.

Salvadore reported that he then spoke with Baldwin, who claimed that he did not have any illegal drugs and refused to answer any other questions.

Officers arrested both men and took them to police headquarters for processing.

Salvadore wrote that he contacted a pharmacy technician at CVS Pharmacy to help identify the pills found in Graham's car, which totalled 362.5 tablets.

Graham was arraigned at police headquarters and released on $10,000 personal recognizance. Baldwin was arraigned and released on $1,000 personal recognizance. Both are scheduled to appear for a pre-arraignment conference on March 14.


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