Tax Bills Lead to Town Hall Tirade, Disorderly Conduct Charges

A Coventry man landed in some hot water after scaring employees of the tax collector's office when he became irate over his water and sewer bills.

A Coventry man angry about his town of Johnston water and sewer bills was arrested for disorderly conduct after he allegedly screamed at a town employee in Town Hall, banged the counter and threw dollar bills in the employee’s face.

According to a police report, Joseph A. DiMuccio, 64, of 20 Twin Lakes Ave., Coventry, became angry about the amount he owed, and his alleged outburst frightened employees in the tax collector’s office enough that one of them pushed the panic alarm and Mayor Joseph Polisena walked into the office to see what the commotion was about.

Police said the incident was recorded on video surveillance.

DiMuccio was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to the charge on Feb. 6. He is due to appear in Third Division District Court for a pretrial conference.

Chris12 February 22, 2013 at 12:15 PM
BRAVO Mr. DiMuccio. Maybe if more RI's taxpayers showed some outrage our lame politicians would put the needs of their cities, towns, and constituents first.


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