Suspect in Johnston Molestation Had Prior Assault Charges Dismissed

Johnston Police charged Lance Nicoletti, 26, of Smithfield, with first-degree molestation following his arrest on Aug. 24.


The Smithfield man charged with child molestation by on Aug. 24 had two previous assault charges dismissed, according to online court records.

Lance Nicoletti, 26, of 5 Oakhurst Drive, remains held at the Adult Correctional Institutions, Cranston, following his arraignment on first-degree child molestation charges on Friday. A bail hearing on the recent case, and a status review hearing on a previous charge, are scheduled for Thursday.

According to police reports, Det. Robert Lemieux responded to a local home at about 3 am Friday "in reference to a disturbance in progress."

Lemieux wrote that he "was advised by Lt. [Richard] Norato" to arrest Nicoletti.

The Providence Journal quoted unnamed officials as alleging that Nicoletti raped a four-year-old girl.

Judge Pamela Woodcock-Pfeiffer on Friday ordered Nicoletti remanded to the ACI for violating the terms of probation set for a separate charge of making crank phone calls, to which Nicoletti pleaded no contest in April.

Court records posted online show that Judge Terence Houlihan Jr. dismissed charges brought by Smithfield police of simple assault and disorderly conduct on Aug. 14, and charges of simple assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest in January.

Houlihan ordered Nicoletti to perform 20 hours' community service and revoked Nicoletti's license for three months on a DUI charge included in the January case.

Peter A. Filippi III August 28, 2012 at 02:01 PM
Everyday when you read of someone being murdered, rapped, robed or defrauded the suspects all had prior arrests for basically the same level of offences. Why? How can that be? Is there no justice? The word is liberalism which describes an entity that has been on the loose for many decades that only now we are realizing its devastating effects on humanity via bringing down our societies and “divide and conquer” is its slogan. It took over the Democratic Party many years ago and everyday seeks to undermine the last conservative bastion, the Republican Party. At one time when patriotism was alive and well we were able to defend against it but that expression that personified doing what was best for all the people no longer exists. Conservative leadership is our only salvation but that won’t come about until the bank is busted and every deposit, promises that never should have been allowed to be deposited, have been withdrawn, via bankruptcy and reforms that will eventually reunite us all…When we stop voting in people whom we have little respect for because we have been conditioned to believe its okay to put ourselves before all others including our children only then will our laws reflect the will of the people.
Elizabeth Rose August 28, 2012 at 04:14 PM
How is someone having a DUI on the same level of offense as rape? Even the assault charges don't bring about enough description to compare it to anything that this person is being charged for doing. Unfortunately, we all know justice is never easy to acquire as one would want, let's just hope that this time justice is served for both parties.
Peter A. Filippi III August 28, 2012 at 05:27 PM
HI Elizabeth, I don’t know if your comment regarding DUI was directed at me because a few weeks back there was an article in the Johnston Sun Rise about my past that was absolutely false. The Democratic Party in town apparently fears my candidacy for mayor because I believe we should only be paying wages and benefits that reflect what the overwhelming majority of taxpayers receive in the private sector which is 87% of the workforce and non union. Anyway, log onto Johnston.Patch.Com and scroll down to “Outright Lies and Obscuring the Truth Is What the Democratic Party “Nowadays” Represents” and you’ll be pleasingly surprised; if you’re a supporter of free enterprise, Proud Republican Mayoral Candidate


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