Providence Man Charged with Second-Degree Rape

Police said Joseph Kpehe, of Providence, sexually assaulted a female co-worker two times.

Johnston Police charged a 23-year-old Providence man and CNA with two counts of second-degree rape for allegedly assaulting a female co-worker.

According to a police report, Joseph Kpehe, or 44 Brattle St., Providence, denied sexually assaulting the woman and told police that on two occasions he “physically placed both his arms around [the victim] and picked her up while her back was turned.

The victim reported the incident on Jan. 21 and told police that she and Kpehe had been exchanging text messages and talking on Facebook but she never had romantic feelings for him.

Police said that on Jan. 13, the victim was about to end her shift when Kpehe came into a patients room in which she was working and pushed her onto an empty bed and attempted to kiss her on the mouth. Kpehe reportedly refused to stop and said “don’t worry, nobody is coming – nobody will hear.”

Kpehe then allegedly allowed the victim to stand up at which time he “forcibly spun her around,” then pushed her against the bed, undid her belt and pulled her pants and underwear to her knees.

At that moment, a female CNA came into the room and Kpehe reportedly walked away, leaving the victim exposed. The victim then left the room without saying anything to the woman, nor did the woman ask any questions, police said.

Police said the second incident occurred on Jan. 18 in a bathroom adjoining two patient’s bedrooms.

Police said in the second incident, Kpehe pulled the victim’s pants down but he eventually gave up after a struggle.

Kpehe told police that he “jokes around with all the females at [redacted] and is known as “Big Joe.”

Kpehe was released on $25,000 personal recognizance and will appear in Sixth Division District Court March 25. A no-contact order was issued.


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