Police Make Underage Drinking Arrests

Police allege that a bartender provided her 20-year-old brother with alcohol, and a Warwick man faces a charge of underage possession of alcohol following a check of Club Bebeto by Johnston Police.

arrested three people on underage drinking-related charges after officers went to Club Bebeto, 31 Greenville Ave., on Mar. 25.

Sgt. Joseph Salvador and Ptlmn. Joseph Scichilone and Michael Protano were inside the club doing a routine business check at around 11 p.m. While they were talking with the owner of the club, police dispatch alerted them that a man was lying face down in a neighbor’s yard.

Protano reported that the neighbor called police after he saw a man run out of Club Bebeto and try to hide near cinder blocks in the yard.

Salvadore and Protano found Ruben Montufar, 20, in the backyard. When asked why he was hiding, Protano reported that Montufar replied: “I’m underage, man. I didn’t want to get caught drinking. I had five beers at the bar.”

Montufar allegedly told Protano that his sister, Zully, was working at the club as a bartender and had served him the beers. Protano placed Montufar under arrest.

Zully Montufar approached Protano as her brother was being placed in a police cruiser. Protano stated in his report that Zully Montufar admitted to being the bartender and serving her brother, and also told the officers she did not want her brother to get in trouble.

Police charged Ruben Montufar, of 46 Lowell Ave., Providence, with misdemeanor possession of an alcoholic beverage by an underage person, and Zully Montufar, 21, of 222 Eastwood Ave., Providence, with a misdemeanor charge of purchase/procurement of alcohol for a minor, first offense.

According to police reports, Ptlm. Joseph McGinn entered Club Bebeto around the same time and checked the identifications of customers who were drinking alcohol.

When McGinn approached one of the customers, later identified as Herland G. Campos, of 156 Longmeadow Ave., Warwick, Campos admitted to being 20 years old, according to McGinn's report.

McGinn arrested Campos on one misdemeanor count of underage possession of alcohol. McGinn also reported that Campos said he had not been asked for identification before he was served.

All three were arraigned at police headquarters and released with Third District Court summonses to appear on April 4.

Ruben Montufar also has a pending case in Third District Court stemming from a charge of driving with a suspended license brought by Rhode Island State Police on Mar. 22.

According to the police report, the Johnston Police Department's Special Services Division will review the incident to determine if Club Bebeto is in violation of its liquor license and/or town ordinances.


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