Police Make Arrest After Man Allegedly Stabbed

The following was reported by the Middletown Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction

Middletown police arrested Quinci Hill, 23, of Newport on a felony assault with a dangerous weapon charge after a 29-year-old Newport man was allegedly stabbed at Scoty's Big Dawg's early Sunday morning.   Hill does not have a permanent address on record.

Police reported they were called to Big Dawg's around 1:05 in the morning  for a report of a fight inside the bar.   Police said when they arrived on-scene, a crowd of people yelled, "he's inside!"  Police said Hill's shirt was covered in blood and there was blood on a wall near the door.  Hill allegedly told police the blood was from his own nose. Police said they checked Hill's nose and did not see signs of blood. 

A witness told police the victim had left.  Police found the man behind Dunkin Donuts with stab wounds to his stomach and up the left side of his chest area. 

A surveillance monitor captured parts of the fight.  Police saw the victim punch Hill in the face and Hill returned the punch and the fight went to the floor.  Police reported on the surveillance tape, there was a knife in Hill’s hand, but they were unable to view the actual stabbing because the fight went out of the camera's view.   Although everyone on-scene initially denied witnessing the incident, police said the camera picked up potential witnesses.

When questioned, a witness told police Hill had dropped the knife in a storm drain near Home Depot.  Police searched the area and found a knife.  Other potential witnesses were interviewed and were either unable or unwilling to provide information, said police. 

At the station, Hill allegedly told an officer he had not been honest and he wanted to explain.  He said he had been sucker punched while he was outside smoking with another man.  

He told police the other man "Solved the problem. Solved the problem, you know what I mean?" When asked the man's name, Hill allegedly said he was not a "snitch" and he would not get someone else in trouble for helping him.  He said that man was in a separate altercation with the victim, and alleged the victim threatened to kill the man's children. 

Hill continued to tell police that someone else was responsible for the stabbing. 

The victim was transported to Rhode Island Hospital.  His injuries were not considered to be life threatening but hospital staff reported they had difficulty getting the bleeding from the abdomen wound to stop. 

Police reported the victim was still in the hospital on Sunday afternoon, but his condition is unknown.

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William February 03, 2013 at 09:17 PM
Sorry Aquidneck not Aquineck... uggg
charlotte mccarthy February 04, 2013 at 03:28 PM
I moved out of that house next to Home Depot just in time, apparently. People fleeing through the back yard and hiding knives in the storm drain? Crazy!!!
larry kelly February 05, 2013 at 03:15 PM
Unbelievable, A fight breaks out at a bar and no sees anything. Every bar fight I have witnessed was surrounded by every person in the building. But not these people they all looked in the other direction. Don't care who started the fight, a man was stabbed multiple times. Nobody saw a thing. The victim left yet the police found him not 30 feet from the bar, with multiple stab wounds. Good thing the police looked around because he would have been found dead in the morning. Thank god for the concerned citizens that just ignored him and oh yea did not see anything. Even when confronted with video surveillance these fine people still would not cooperate with an attempted homicide investigation. Well done people give yourself a pat on the back and remember you didnt see nuthin!!!!!!!
Jane Wolk Wheeler February 05, 2013 at 08:54 PM
Yes, because we expect a group of responsible, caring type of adults to spend their leisure time at "SCOTTY'S BIG DAWG'S"!!!!! because it attracts that kind of desirable crowd, right? I mean you can tell by the name, can't you? What do expect folks????!!!! Gee, and people are worried about medical marijuana dispensaries.
The count February 06, 2013 at 10:58 AM
There's alot of drug activity in that place. Where you have that you'll have violence.


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