OMGPD: Left Out In The Cold

Take a look at some of the more compelling police reports from around the state.


Teacher Gets Heat for Chilly Punishment

Most elementary school students would probably jump at the opportunity to get out of a classroom and outside. In Cranston, two third graders have a very different experience when a substitute teacher used a trip to the outside world as punishment. According to a school official, the substitute sent the pair outside in chilly temperatures as punishment for talking during class. The teacher has been fired from the Cranston school system.

Drunk Man Fails to Break Into Own Car, Disappears

One North Kingstown man drew attention to himself during his intoxicated attempt to break into his own car. According to police, the man had been drinking at a restaurant in town and inadvertently left his keys in his car. Rather than call AAA, the man decided to take matters into his own hands – and by “matters,” we really mean a cinderblock he happened upon next to the restaurant. The man allegedly tried to smash in his window to get his keys, but the cinderblock broke apart on impact and the window remained intact. An officer arrived after a passerby called police. As the officer tried to help the man, he told him to stay put as he returned to his police cruiser. When the officer returned to the man’s car, he was nowhere in sight.

Double Whammy Fender Bender

One Coventry woman managed to . Two officers were in the middle of a traffic stop when the 49-year-old woman allegedly hit the first police cruiser, which in turn hit the second police cruiser. It was a close call for the officers and the driver of the first car, whom officers had to push out of the way to avoid being hit. According to police, the woman appeared to be heavily intoxicated and was brought to Kent Hospital where she became so combative that medical personnel had to restrain her.

Suspects Forget False Names

If you’re going to give police a fake name (which we highly recommend you don’t do, by the way), make sure you are consistent. A pair of Woonsocket residents, both of whom had active warrants, . According to reports, one of them spelled his name incorrectly several times. When police checked his backpack, they found his real name printed inside it, along with his age. As for the other suspect, police learned she too had been lying about her identity when they searched her purse and found her name on a credit card.


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