OMG PD: Mickey D's Run Stops Abruptly

We round up the oh-my-gosh police news from around the Patch region.

Mickey D's run stops abruptly:

Johnston police arrested a Providence man on charges of . According to officers, the man’s breath smelled of alcohol and he had to hold the roof of his car to hold himself up. The man told officers he was trying to eat food he had just purchased at McDonald’s when he crashed.

"Snackman" stops fight on NYC subway:

America has a new hero – and he loves cheddar Pringles. A North Kingstown native casually broke up a fight last week on a New York City subway by snacking. The YouTube video, which went viral and was featured on outlets such as CNN and Huffington Post, shows the Snackman (as he’s been dubbed by the media) nonchalantly munching on Pringles and gummy bears, thus breaking up the fight. Once he pops, the fighting stops.

Man shows off new phone — to a horse:

We don’t know about you folks, but when we get a new phone we want to show it off. Apparently, one North Kingstown man was so eager to flaunt his new piece of technology that he showed it off…to a horse. Three woman riding horses , held up his phone as they approached and yelled, “Look at my new cell phone!” One of the horses became “spooked,” according to the police report, throwing its rider and running off into the woods. The man was found at a friend’s house and cited for public drunkenness.

Who ya gonna call? Home girl Rosie:

Who needs the police when you have "home girl Rosie" on your side? North Kingstown police recently responded to the home of two women in the midst of an argument. According to reports, one of the women had grabbed a sign (reading “Hot N Juicy”) and threw it at the other woman. Also during the scuffle, the woman allegedly sucker-punched the other in the face, pulled out her dreadlocks and punching a television. The victim then went to get her neighbor downstairs, who she identified as her “home girl Rosie.” According to reports, home girl was able to break up the fight before officers arrived.

Stop hitting yourself — no, seriously, stop hitting yourself:

If this were a hockey game, this guy would’ve been penalized for diving. A Newport man is  after telling police that his roommate had assaulted him. The roommate, however, told a different story: he told officers that the 28-year-old man told him to get out of the apartment, spit in his face and kicked in his door. According to the roommate, after that, the man went downstairs, hit his head against the wall and punched himself in the head. Later the man allegedly told police he had lied about the assault. He is charged with domestic disorderly conduct, domestic assault and falsely reporting a crime.


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