OMG PD: Eye and Ear Problems

Take a look at some of the more unusual police reports from around the state.


They could have used a little 'foresight':

Johnston Police reported the arrests of a suspected thief and his getaway driver after a second try at stealing merchandise from an Atwood Avenue eyeglass shop. The two men were suspected in a July 26 shoplifting incident, then went back on Aug. 8 — this time, the cops were alerted by store employees and a Johnston officer pursued their vehicle into Providence.

Police charged the alleged bag man with felony larceny and conspiracy, and the driver with conspiracy.

He heard it the second time:

Cranston Police summoned a Cranston Street man for violating the city’s noise ordinance July 27 after he allegedly blasted music so loud, it could be heard outside as far as 200 feet away.

Police said Angel Silverio, 62, of 1131 Cranston St., turned the music down after officers knocked on his door around 7:30 p.m. But as officers were leaving, they heard the music crank back up almost as loud as before.

So the officers turned around and told Silverio to turn the music down again, warning him that he would be charged with a second violation if he didn’t. Silverio then turned the music completely off.

Silverio is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on Aug. 9.

Scrambled or over-easy?:

A shoplifter who fled the Garfield Avenue Stop & Shop was so upset after getting pulled over near the scene, she allegedly threw a broken carton of eggs at Cranston Police Officer Ryan Dimbleby, police said.

Police allege that Angela M. Ferrer, 41, of 118 Prudence St., Providence, stole about $43 worth of groceries from the supermarket.

Store security officers said they watched Ferrer conceal items from the shelves in her carriage, and when she passed through the check out line, handed the cashier a bag of produce that she no longer wanted.

She then allegedly left the store without paying for the concealed items, at which point she was stopped out front by security.

Police said Ferrer told the guard that she would fight him. She left the scene in her Jeep Cherokee. Police stopped her in front of the Sanford Brown Institute on Garfield Ave.

Police said Ferrer refused to comply with Officer Dimbleby’s commands to get out of the vehicle. When he approached, she allegedly threw a carton of eggs at him, screaming and yelling “in a belligerent manner.”

Ferrer allegedly tried to fight off officers and it took several cops to restrain her.

Ferrer was charged with shoplifting and resisting arrest. She is being held as a bail violator from a previous shoplifting charge.

He must have been in a hurry:

A Fall River, MA, man is accused of leaving not one, but two motor vehicle crashes on the same day. 

Middletown police arrested Tyler Nadeau, 21, of Fall River, on Aug. 4 at 11:30 a.m. after he allegedly left the scene of two accidents in Portsmouth and Middletown. 

Police first received a report of a minor motor vehicle crash on West Main Road at Mill Lane in Portsmouth. The vehicle, operated by Nadeau, reportedly drove away until becoming involved in a second crash on Olphiant Lane in Middletown. 

The vehicle also allegedly left that scene before being stopped by Middletown police. Nadeau is being charged with leaving the scene of an accident in both towns.

Maybe he should have arrested himself:

Edward Garofalo, 44, of 60 Warner St., Newport, was arrested around noon on  Aug. 8, for a threats charge.

According to reports, police responded to the Broadway post office for Garofalo making threats to an employee. The woman told police Garofalo was upset that he could not receive mail from his P.O. Box because his account was overdue.

Garofalo reportedly told the employee, “I better not see you on the street. If I do you will be sorry.”

When approached by police, Garofalo held up a gold badge and said, “You can't mess with me, I'm a police officer.” He later reportedly admitted the badge was a fake, and police found it with Garofalo's son, who was with him during the incident.

The badge read “Special Police” from the Department of Inspections and Standards and had a City of Providence seal.

The badge appeared to be issued from the city, according to police.



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