OMG PD: Busted Bike and Bath Salts

Check out some of the more unusual police reports from around the state.


Good guys... get their motocycles toppled:

A Cranston man who tried to help a Johnston woman and a broken helmet after the man accused of hitting the woman also knocked over the bike. Johnston Police also reported that the alleged assailant was on probation at the time of the incident, earning him a trip straight to the ACI.

[Bleep]ing bath salts:

Narragansett police had an interesting time trying to wrangle a woman who was reportedly on hallucinogenic drugs this past weekend. Officers received a call from the staff at Bon Vue Inn in Narragansett regarding a . Police were able to locate the woman quickly, as she was reportedly breathing heavily and shaking uncontrollably. The police tried to bring her to her boyfriend’s house, but she reportedly sprinted toward a nearby restaurant, at which point officers decided it was a good idea to bring her to the hospital.

While on the way to the hospital, the woman began screaming and yelled, “I shouldn’t have done those. I shouldn’t have done those [expletive] bath salts.” (Police found the hallucinogenic drug known as bath salts — i.e. the substance that the Miami “cannibal,” who allegedly started to eat a homeless man’s face before being shot by police, was reportedly on — in the woman’s sweatshirt pocket.) Luckily, the woman didn’t decide to go zombie on officers and was not charged.

Hope she doesn't have diabetes:

Stealing candy from the store is not an uncommon illegal activity performed by youngsters. Stealing candy as an adult, however, is a different story — especially when you allegedly attempt . Apparently, one 32-year-old woman from Providence really likes her sweets after she was popped for stealing $94.67 worth of candy from a Dollar Tree in Cranston. Police were able to find the woman quickly. It turns out that not many people wearing zebra pants hang out at nearby bus stops with a Halloween-sized bounty of candy.

Cops Say They Clocked Motorcyclist at 102 mph:

One 20-year-old motorcyclist apparently mistook Reservoir Avenue in Cranston for the Autobahn. Police allegedly clocked the Cranston man and another motorcyclist traveling 120 mph in the 35 mph zone. Though the other motorcyclist pulled over, the Cranston man had another idea and continued on, allegedly attempting to lose the officer. After nearly striking a few cars, the man finally slowed down and stopped. After police ordered him to the ground, the man allegedly told officers he didn’t stop because he “got scared and tried to run.”

EP Cops Seek Finale to Field Feud:

East Providence sports spectators will be rid of one troublesome teen, at least for one week. A near the guard’s head and getting “lippy” with him. It’s reportedly not the first time the teen has been a problem for the guard. According to him, the teen has been a “constant problem” and allegedly “messes around with females in the dugout.” The teen will have to find another date spot for his lady friends, as he will be permanently banned from the field if he trespasses during his one-week suspension.

We understand it's hot out, but really:

Rhode Island’s most recent heat wave has prompted some rather unusual outfits. One out-of-town man, however, decided that . According to police, the 48-year-old man from Washington, D.C., was walking around the hotel in only his undies, scaring guests. The clerk told police that the man was talking loudly, laughing (we sure he wasn’t alone) and “acting strange.” According to reports, the man did not have enough money for a room and was refusing to leave.

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