JPD Takes Delivery of New Cars

Police Chief Richard Tamburini gave Mayor Joseph Polisena a first look at one of the new cruisers on Tuesday morning.


On Tuesday morning at , Police Chief Richard Tamburini provided Mayor Joseph Polisena with a tour of one of the department's new cruisers, a custom-built 2012 Ford Police Interceptor.

Aside from being more fuel-efficient because of their V-6 engines (older cars had V-8s), the new cruisers have also been constructed to "handle police work," Tamburini explained.

The new vehicles also boast all-wheel drive for better handling in winter conditions.

Once they're outfitted with laptop brackets and other final touches, the new cars will go into service.

Peter A. Filippi III July 11, 2012 at 01:09 PM
When you consider the dire situation of our unfounded public pension; $319 million in debt, our national $16 trillion debt, in which soon state governments will be receiving less in which less will be going to the municipalities and our shaky state economy we must make do until we can look into the future with certainty. The reality is every few days’ municipalities around the country are going belly up because of government unionized labor in which if we were to get realistic with the endless provisions and costly entitlements we could have an entire new fleet of 4 wheel drive police cruisers without the financial risks. When the chief stated, “It’s a moral thing”, I thought of the many endless provisions in their contract that should boost moral every second especially $49.00 an hour police details in which they leave the cars running which kills the engines etc. Republican Mayoral Candidate Peter A. Filippi III


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