B&E Suspect Nabbed by Johnston Police

Officers reported finding Steve Brodeur, of Pawtucket, in a car parked behind Altieri Glass on Nov. 8.


A Pawtucket man faces a felony larceny charge and a probation violation after a Johnston Police officer found him sitting in a parked car on Nov. 8, the day of the crime.

Steven Brodeur, 45, of Pawtucket, is also awaiting trial on a felony count of breaking and entering brought by Glocester Police in an unrelated case.

Ptlm. Edward Gonzalez reported that he was checking the property at 1417 Atwood Ave. when he saw a 2003 Ford Focus parked in the back lot.

Brodeur "had blood on his hands and clothing," according to Gonzalez, who also reported that he found an Apple computer tower and monitor in the car, along with an electric drill and chop saw, in the trunk of the car.

The car also contained tools that Gonzalez suspected to be used in burglaries.

A check of Brodeur's record returned an active warrant issued by Glocester Police, Gonzalez reported.

Brodeur said that he'd bought the computer equipment and power tools in Pawtucket, according to Gonzalez, and "stated that if we agree not to charge him, he would reveal where the items were stolen from."

Later that morning, Det. Thomas Dwyer reported that he "contacted numerous local departments" asking whether they had cases of breaking and entering being investigated.

A Pawtucket Police detective contacted Dwyer and said officers were investigating a break-in there.

Dwyer reported that Pawtucket Det. Donte Rosciti provided the serial numbers of the Apple computer, and that they matched the one found in Brodeur's car.

On Nov. 9, the victim contacted Dwyer and provided a description and receipts for the tools and computer equipment.

Police issued an arrest warrant for Brodeur on Nov. 13, and presented him for arraignment on Nov. 14. 

Brodeur was ordered held on a probation violation stemming from his June, 2007, no-contest plea in Providence Superior Court one felony count of attempted breaking and entering brought by Pawtucket Police.

Under the terms of the plea, Judge Mark Pfeiffer imposed a 10-year sentence, with four to serve with six years suspended and six years' probation.

Brodeur is next scheduled to appear in court on the Johnston charge on Jan. 16, 2013.


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