READER ROUNDUP: Testament To Determination

Check out what readers from around the state are talking about, and join in the conversation.

: "Congratulations Ryan! Your "Road to 1000" was wrought with some unexpected twists and turns, but through all the pain and set-backs - you perservered! What a testament to your determination, will power, and strength of character! You are our HERO!!!" — Mary Quirk-Sassa, commenting on Anderson Scores 1,000 Points

Coventry: "There is an upside for Coventry that to me way out weighs the pension issue. No police academy costs to the town as these officers are already certified. Very little OJT will be required to get them on patrol. And they bring a 20year career of experience and training with them that our PD will benefit from. Hopefully they get healthcare from their previous employers and that will save us $$ as well. Well done to our Chief for the insight to hire these trained officers." — coventry voter, commenting on Coventry PD Promotes Five Offciers; Swears In Three New Hires

Cranston: "I'm amazed at how much energy the crowd exerts in support of superstition, especially when threatened with not being able to display that superstition at a public school. It's as if we live in a third-world country, where religious voodoo is the "science" of the masses. What a sad state of affairs." — Lew Payne, commentng on LIVE: Prayer Banner Appeal Fails

East Greenwich: "Does it REALLY make an awful lot of difference? My opinion, for what little it may be worth, is to have the most qualified group care for the grounds. Who can do it best, most efficiently and most cost effectively? That, to me, would be the most logical way of handling this "tempest in a teapot." — Carl I. Hoyer, commenting on School Fields: Whose Are They Anyway?

Narragansett: "Erica was such an amazing, beautiful, talented and gifted young woman. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Erica! She touched so many lives with her love, laughter, and generous spirit. She will greatly missed." — Shirley Kersey, commenting on South Kingstown Woman Killed in Torrey Road Crash

North Kingstown: "So the only way jobs can come to our state is by possibly polluting what we do best? I am not an environmentalist, I do care about the environment." — MeanE, commnting on Davisville Could Become Destination For Cargo Business

South Kingstown: "This is not your living room Jim O'Neil! You were WRONG to address a tax paying resident of SK as if she were your inferior. Stop trying to deflect attention away from your bad behavior by discussing the chamber tax break and the motives behind anyone who does not support it." — Katie Martin, commenting on O'Neill Will Not Apologize, But COuncil Will Take Second Look At Chamber Exemption

Woonsocket: "anyone who lives on Main St has to deal with what goes on, Every Main st in the world is going to have some kind of excitement, so the old saying goes, you make your bed now you have to lay in it," — Dean P, commenting on Patch Readers Name Vintage City's Most Romantic Spot


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