More Snow This Weekend, But How Much?

Johnston could see another 8 inches of snow.

Once again, the snow is melting. But once again, don't put the shovels away. Because once again, the weekend is bringing us more snow.

A new snowstorm is headed our way for Saturday and Sunday, which could dump another 8 inches on Johnston, according to WBZ Channel 7 in Boston. 

The local forecast calls for snow to begin Saturday afternoon, switch to a mix of rain and snow in the evening, and then return to snow overnight, according to the National Weather Service. It should continue snowing into Sunday afternoon, leaving 4-8 inches behind across much of Rhode Island.

Snow totals escalate the farther north you go. A foot or more is expected for much of Massachusetts.

What's your guess? How much will the third consecutive weekend snowstorm leave behind this time?


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