Have You Turned on Your Heat Yet?

There's a definite chill in the air — and a freeze watch in effect for tonight. Will you be cranking the thermostat?


As the mercury has dropped over the last few days, leaving the stretches of 90+ degrees behind, folks around Johnston are starting to turn on their heating systems — if they haven't already.

With tonight's freeze warning — with lows in the 30s expected overnight into Saturday — thermostats all over town will be clicking back to life, and residents will start the annual concern over heating fuel costs.

We posted a question on our Facebook page on when is the right time to turn on the heat — here are the responses we received through last night:

Kimberly Webster Halliwell Only when it is below 55 in the house and never before November :-)

Madeline Marsocci StOnge When it gets cold enough to need it. Mine has been on for about 10 days now

Nancy Lyn Melidossian Daley already did last week

Doreen Tucker Forrest Not at least until November. Doesn't seem right turning it on b4 that. Plus I have oil heat and don't have the $$$ right now to put fuel in the tank. ;(

Erren Robateau When it's going to be in the low 30s. Lucky to have a house that the setting sun warms up though.

Renée Borden I turned it on last week. It usually just comes up once to get the chill out. I leave it set to come on overnight if necessary because my kids end up uncovered in their beds every night.

JohnstonPatch wants to know: When do you plan to turn on the heat in your home? Have you already started? 

Here's your chance to sound off — post your comments below.


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