Have You Had a Missed Connection in Johnston?

Have you missed out on a potential love in Johnston? You might be surprised by where people are missing out in town.

Where are people spotting the potential love of their life in Rhode Island? You might be surprised. 

In the Ocean State, it appears "parking lots," yes "parking lots" are the most frequent "missed connections" location, according to a new map created by Pyschology Today and posted on BuzzFeed. 

To view the entire map, click here

In case you are unfamiliar with the term, a "missed connection" is simply a romantic glance or conversation, and missing the chance later to exchange contact information. The term and concept became popular after Craigslist began a "Missed Connections" section. 

So where are the missed connections happening in Johnston? Well, there appears to be quite a few! 

There was this encounter on Hartford Avenue that involved a "leather pride sticker"; 

Another at the bank on Atwood Avenue

And, a missed connection at Brewed Awakenings

Have you experienced a missed connection in Johnston? Tell us in the comment section below! 


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