Resource Recovery Answers Group's 'Dirty Dozen' Designation

The managing company of the Central Landfill in Johnston issued a statement in response to the Toxics Action Center's announcement on Tuesday morning.


Following our report on the Toxics Action Center's designation of the Central Landfill as one of its "Dirty Dozen" top polluters in New England, Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation issued the following statement:

"Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation assumed responsibility for operating andmanaging the Central Landfill, where most Rhode Island residents deposit their waste,in 1980. With that assumption of responsibility, RIRRC began implementing moderntechnologies and protocols at the site, which have made the Central Landfill one of thesafest in the region. The Central Landfill is the DEM’s most highly regulated site, and as such, is properly subjected to intense scrutiny. Since 1980, regular, intensive testingand reporting of landfilling and leachate activities were implemented.

These activities continue today and the results of these reports are provided to both the RI DEM and theUS EPA. The Toxics Action Center’s report is inaccurate in the following ways:

  • The depositing of hazardous waste on the site occurred when the land wasprivately owned, prior to it becoming the Central Landfill; 
  • RIRRC receives approximately 55%, not 85%, of Rhode Island’s waste;
  • The odor issues that were present in 2011 do not exist today, due to appropriate actions taken by RIRRC to mitigate and correct the situation.

"By design, landfill leachate is directed to and treated at the Cranston Sewer Facilityand landfill gas is processed at the landfill gas to energy plant owned and operated byBroadrock Renewables.

"These design features are standard in modern, sanitary landfill operations such as the Central Landfill.

"RIRRC is proud of the work our employees do day in and day out to ensure that Rhode Island’s waste is properly managed in a safe, environmentally compliant, and economically sound manner."


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