Bites Nearby: Sura Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Every week, we'll take a look at a locally-owned eatery.

Fighting off the freezing cold is easy with bottomless hot cups of green tea and a flavorful udon noodle bowl at . If you are looking for a quick lunch, with a whole world of flavors, you need not look further.

The restaurant was quiet around mid-afternoon, which meant extra attention was given to the guests present.

From a recent visit, a sample light-lunch for two guests included:

  • Edamame, a heaping pile of boiled and lightly salted soybeans, $4.95.
  • Shumai, six steamed pork dumplings, served with a soyaki (soy and teriyaki) sauce,$5.95.
  • Large order of fried vegetable dumplings, $6.95.
  • Udon noodle bowl, thick wheat-flour noodles served in in miso broth with nori, $9.95.

Other things to mention about Sura:

  • The tea is complementary, bottomless and incredibly hot. This is much appreciated on a cold day.
  • The food almost came too fast; the order was placed, and moments later it arrived. Remarkably efficient, regardless of volume, a compliment to precise kitchen execution.
  • Udon noodle bowl is colossal, definitely big enough to share between two people. We simply could not finish it.
  • Friend dumplings were golden and crispy, not the slightest bit greasy and were very lightly battered. These tasted very good with the soyaki sauce that came with the pork dumplings. The sauce complimented the variety of flavoring in the vegetable dumplings, without compromising it with excess saltiness. 
  • No-request refills on water and tea. This is always a big plus in my book.

 Total bill for two -- three appetizers and a split entree for lunch:

 $30.02 + 20 percent tip = $36.02


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