Facebook Cover Photo Contest: Share Your Photos

Have a great photo, painting or drawing that you think will be a perfect cover photo for our Facebook page? Upload it now!

Earlier this year when Facebook changed to the new Timeline layout, Johnston Patch asked users to submit photos that captured the spirit of Johnston to be used as the cover photo. 

We want to continue to highlight Johnston's artistic talent as the seasons change on our Facebook page.

Whether it's a photo of a historic building, a peaceful winter scene from Johnston Memorial Park or the kids playing in the backyard, we want to see your take on Johnston. Be creative and try to capture the essence of the town to represent Johnston on Facebook.

There's no age requirement to submit: You just have to be a Johnston Patch user and be able to create a 100 percent original piece of work owned by you for us to use. All entries must be at least 399 pixels wide and cannot contain any advertising (such as a prominent billboard or logo). Please make sure to include a caption so we know where you found your inspiration.

After you upload your photos, it'll be up to you again. Your local editor will choose the front-runners and create a poll for the readers to make the final decision.

Click the "upload" button above to submit your entry!


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