Looking For Things to Do Over Holiday Break?

Here's a list of things to do over next week's vacation. Have fun!

Looking for something to do with the children over holiday break? 

Assuming you can tear the kids away from their new toys for a few hours, here are some ideas for things to do at home and nearby. From penny candy to 1,000-foot vertical slopes, there's something for everyone. 

Do you have something that you plan to do, or would like to do, over vacation? Tell us in the comment section below.

At Home

Here are some good ideas if you want to stay home and/or if you want to play host. Disclaimer: If you have teens, be careful if you try some of these at home (like a tea party). 

  • Bring a Book to Life. You can use a book and costumes you have at home or, if you plan ahead, you can borrow books, costumes and puppets from your local library.
  • PJ/Game Day. Invite kids to show up in their pajamas and bring a board game too. Sometimes the games actually get played. 
  • Snow activities (if we have snow) including snowman and fort building, snowball fights, snow angels, etc.
  • Tea Party featuring hot chocolate and holiday-themed cookies (see disclaimer above).
  • Video game party. Have the boys over for pizza and soda (and all other holiday leftovers).
  • Yankee swap. It's never too late to give/get a holiday gift. Invite a few friends over and swap away (and parents can do the same). 

In Your Town

Bowling. Head to Town Hall Lanes to go for a new high score.

Local library. Great resource for vacation programs and museum passes (some of which can give you discounts on activities listed below).

Movies. Consider a new release with discount tickets. Local supermarkets often sell discount movie tickets which you can also find at www.AAA.com if you are a AAA member. 

Paint Your Own Pottery. Check our your local Patch directory to see if there are any PYOP options in or near your town.

Restaurants. Is there a new restaurant in town that you've been meaning to try. Take the kids or get take-out — now's the time. 

Sledding or tubing. If we get any snow, this is always a good bet. If the kids (or the adults) need some persuading, take them to a local store and let them pick out a new sled, saucer or tube; and if you have a tobaggan, you will make friends quickly on the hill — what's Christmas without a tobaggan? Let us know in the comments section below the best places to sled in Johnston.

But whatever you do, have fun then circle back and tell us in the Comment Box how you spent your vacation. Have some more suggestions for local activities? Add them to the comments section as well.


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