Have a Question about Johnston? You Ask... JohnstonPatch Answers

Whether it's the location of the town's new dog park, numbers in the town budget, or the latest word on business development, we'll answer your questions about our town.


If you work and live in Johnston, chances are you have questions about the town — and JohnstonPatch has the answer.

Where can you walk your dog in Johnston? [Answer: Not Memorial Park.]

What's going to be built at the old Stuart's Plaza? [We've heard a few things, but nothing official yet.]

When is the Apple Festival? [It's Sept. 29 and 30.]

If you have a question, post it in the comments below.

Or, send an email to Local Editor Joe Hutnak at joseph.hutnak@patch.com — and we'll do the legwork to get you the answer.

Plus, we'll use your question in our 'You Ask... JohnstonPatch Answers' feature.


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