EcoJam Stresses Healthy Living

Teens combine Jam2Fit and Eco Extras programs to improve health and the environment.

On June 4, the was the site for a student-led drive to help people improve their health and their environment. The event, called Ecojam, is the creation of two local teens looking to make a difference.

The "Eco" part of the festivities was the idea of Karissa Arias, a recent high school graduate, who has a deep interest in environmental issues. She uses recycled materials to make stuffed animals and other items, including her prom dress.

"I've been part of the Environmental Justice League for two years and (have) become more passionate about it," said Arias.

The "Jam" component of Ecojam is the idea of . After coming to the United States from Nigeria at age 11, she started eating unhealthy foods.

Olagundoye eventually started eating better and exercising, and while still a student at , started the Jam2Fit program, which encourages exercise and a healythy lifestyle.

Among the guests at the day's festivities was Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena, who noted Olagundoye's drive to create the Jam2Fit effort.

"She came to my office about two months ago and asked for my help — she did all the work, we just helped with the logistics," said the mayor. "She has her goals set, and she's going for it. I was very impressed. She's going places."

If you'd also like to go places, you might want to consider visiting Johnston Memorial Park on Saturday, June 18 from 10:30 a.m to 12 p.m. for the first meeting of Jam2Fit.

Future scheduled events are:

  • June 25: Yoga Day
  • July 9:  Healthy Run Day
  • July 16: Dance Session
  • July 23: Bootcamp with Cross fit
  • July 30: End of session wrap-up party with live music, DJs, and performances.

All sessions begin at 10:30 a.m., and will move to Ferri Middle School's gym in case of rain.

For more information, contact the at (401) 272-3460 or Jummy Olagundoye at (401) 935-7007. You can also visit the Jam2Fit Facebook page.


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